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that, and this!

that, and this!
655 w
     inspired by JYJ's sweet picture :)

“hyung~” yoochun purrs, drawing invisible soft lines on jaejoong’s neck with the tip of his nose. jaejoong’s head jerks slightly, scanning the now empty room with measured carefulness, before bringing his free arms to caress the other man’s back.

“why are you calling me like that? there’s no camera here.” jaejoong’s eyes still fixated on his phone, typing something with only one thumb. he hasn’t even given his partner’s a glance since the latter invaded his studio.

“just because.” yoochun snuggles deeper and deliberately drapes a leg on jaejoong’s knee.

“hmm busy. busy. busy.” he adds, loosening his embrace after several failed attempts to distract jaejoong’s attention from whatever or whoever occupied his head at the moment. jaejoong’s figure looks ethereal in the dim lit room; he’s almost in a perfect stillness except for his rapidly moved thumb.

“okay.” yoochun gives up, choosing to just sit normally beside jaejoong and heaves a sigh. “jae hyung-“

“stop calling me that, chunnie.”

“why not? you’re now older half a year than me.” yoochun sets a guileless face, taking out his own phone and then presses “3” on his speed dial. jaejoong grumbles something yoochun’s ears can’t quite digest, probably some words related to growing older and having more fans.

“yoochun! what is this?!” jaejoong looks exasperated, nearly shoving his phone’s blinking screen to yoochun’s amused face. his name and a tiny heart sign behind the last letter dancing on it is enough to make him smile so wide.

“what? I thought you might’ve changed your number. I meant, who knows?” yoochun leans backward, waving his own phone in front of jaejoong’s face. “but now I know. your number’s still the same.” he nods and ends the call with one touch.

jaejoong finally puts his phone on the table beside the plushy couch they’re sitting on and stands with his hands on the hips, hovering above a smiling yoochun. his eyes thin to only two black lines, contemplating what he’s supposed to do with his lover.

“hyung~” yoochun purses his lips and folds himself into a small lump. “I’m waaay cuter than Jiji, aren’t I?” he imitates Jiji’s sound.

“seriously. I just can’t understand how this is the same person acted as a prince charming in dramas! and so many people had fallen into your trap!” jaejoong shakes his head, actually torn between holding back a laugh or faking an anger.

“hyung~” yoochun’s tone becomes more demanding.

“you did receive my message, didn’t you?”

“I did, yoochunnie-ah.”

“then reply!”

“okay, okay. tonight, I’ll serve something delicious for my only prince’s stomach.” jaejoong clicks his tongue and gives a chaste kiss on yoochun’s forehead. “see you later.”

“you haven’t replied it hyung!”

“would you care not to call me like that?”

“jaejoong hyung!”

“what are you up to? gosh, what do you want from me now?!” jaejoong scratches his silky hairs, walking to his phone and then eagerly types something. “done. are you satisfied?”

yoochun stretches and yawns, pulling himself from the couch and straightens his shirt. he hears his phone’s soft tune rings, a sign for one incoming message from jaejoong.

“I don’t really have to answer it, you got one of them very well.” yoochun pats jaejoong’s cheeks and smiles. “that, and this.”

he kisses jaejoong on the lips, murmuring “I love you” between the molded flesh.

“I’ve got to go now. see ya!”

and with one last thud from his studio heavy door, yoochun left. jaejoong thinks he’ll soon go crazy with this bipolar attitude but, with this attitude is well reserved for him only, he won’t mind. not at all, a voice in his voice butts in.

jaejoong smiles.


happy belated birthday, mr. kim jaejoong /(*0*)/
Tags: fanfiction, p: jaejoong/yoochun
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