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chinese oil

chinese oil
jongin/kyungsoo (friendship)
452 w

jongin rolls over on his bed, disturbed by the soft shuffling sounds from behind his back. he peers to see a faint streak of the moon’s silvery light glows across the wall on the other side of the room; the straightness of  the line gets distorted with kyungsoo’s slumped shoulder’s shillouette as the boy sighs  to the opened drawer beside his  bed, his hands  still rummaging inside the wooden property. the scraping sounds cut through the eerie silence in their dorm.

“hyung?” jongin’s voice comes out raspy. he slowly scrambles out of his bed, making his way to squat down next to kyungsoo.

“what are you doing?” kyungsoo snaps in a hushed tone. it still sounds fairly gentle to jongin’s ears, though. “go sleep again.”

“what are you looking for?” jongin insists, now peeking from between kyungsoo’s head and shoulder to curiously look inside the drawer.

kyungsoo grunts for a moment before sulkily answers, “you know the Chinese Oil luhan hyung gave to me? i can’t believe i don’t know where i put it.”
jongin could tell how much frustration being pent up under those words. because kyungsoo always knows where his belongings are. the younger of the two suppresses a smile seeing his friend clicks his  tongue for the nth times.
“yeah. why do you need it now anyway?” jongin tilts his head and thinks, no wonder people mistook him as the hyung whenever they went out during training periods. kyungsoo might be the mum of the group, but he’s no more than an ordinary boy in flimsy shirt with terrible eye bags right now.

“sore neck.” kyungsoo alters his gaze to the cream-colored ceiling. “never mind. i think i left it somewhere.” he then finally looks at jongin and says with his motherly expression face,

sleep, jonginnie.”

even before kyungsoo finished his sentence, jongin has started massaging his neck. his fingers expertly loosen the knots of muscles, let kyungsoo’s body relaxed in a very visible way.  

“hmmm..” kyungsoo happily leans to jongin’s touch, his own hands press on his throbbing temple.

“it’ll be better.” jongin pushes kyungsoo so that he stumbles on the puffy surafce of his bed.

“mmmm..” kyungsoo lies stomach-down; jongin’s massage feel so good he sleepily smiles when he believes his head pleasingly becomes lighter. “i should’ve asked you a long time ago.” he mumbles to the pillow. jongin ruffles his hairs playfully. they both laugh, barely masking the exhaustions migling with their every breath.


later that day, they have an AR Show. at the ridiculously crammed backstage jongin casually checks kyungsoo’s neck again, smiling when kyungsoo’s trying to hide the smile twinkling in his rich-in-white eyes.

“i’m way better than those oil, just admit that.”

well excuse me while i still can't get enough spazzing over those neck-touching gifs ;A; (i know it's been a long, long time ago but....) anyway, i hope you enjoy ^^ please love kaisoo~ hahahahahaha

Tags: fanfiction, p: jongin/kyungsoo
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