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before the curtain went up...

before the curtain went up...

Kyungsoo was reading a book on a tiny couch in the living room; his fingers diligently turned the pages, tracing the soft paper as his mind wandered along with every characters printed in black inks on its surface. he was somewhere between Jeju and New York when someone literally threw himself to the narrow space between him and the armrest, making the old furniture shrieked in a futile attempt to protest, then squeezing his butt rather forcefully; and it’s more than enough to make Kyungsoo hiss in utter annoyance. he later decided to continue drowning himself in the story, though.

the person playfully nudged him on the elbow and sank deeper to the couch, one hand grabbing a remote control with exaggerating noises.

Kyungsoo was meeting the heroine’s awkward first love again after years of depressing separation when the TV’s volume was suddenly decibels louder than before, followed by a vague comments about ‘bullshit scripts’ when the channel was flipped, then a Japanese man talking, flipped again, then he voluntarily listened to some familiar music; the volume was up, up, up, up.

“can you turn down the volume, please?” Kyungsoo growled, sounded more like threat than a request; and the man guffawed.

“look, hyung! it’s you on the TV!”

“Jongin!” Kyungsoo smacked the pretty thin book to the back of the other guy’s head. the book flied for a second before sprawled helplessly on the floor. “you make me lose track of the last page I read.” he mumbled as he got up to pick it.

“oh come on! let’s just watch it now. you can read the book later....” Jongin’s eyes were big and somehow glittery, his face grew brighter when Kyungsoo gave in and flopped down beside him.

“there you go.” Jongin patted Kyungsoo’s head like a proud father.

“it really looks like you, seriously! the eyes. cute.” Jongin laughed hard while looking at Kyungsoo’s face closely, then to the flashing TV screen. his eyes contemplative.

“shut up.” Kyungsoo put his palm on Jongin’s forehead, pushing him so he could take a look at the little penguin’s amazed face.

“it’s only because he’s wearing a goggles. I’m natural.” Kyungsoo denied, feeling a smile crawling up to his lips when the little crocodile kept calling his own name with such a voice.

Jongin rolled his eyes, amused. “okay, whatever. hey, can you impersonate him? I’ve heard your Gwangrok every day.” he flicked his tongue, waving his hand in the air to show how bored he was.

“that Crong?”

“Crooooooong~” Jongin scrunched up his face.

“you look silly.” Kyungsoo answered, face expressionless.

“Croooooooooooong~!!” Jongin tried once more. Kyungsoo huffed to hide a laugh and hit Jongin’s arm. Jongin looked so happy, and Kyungsoo might have been infected, a bit.

“Crooong~!” he finally replied, eyes serious. “wait, wait. it wasn’t similar.”

Kyungsoo tried to focus. Jongin’s hands were itchy to pinch his cheeks.

“Croooooooong!!!!” they ended up doing the impersonation together, giggling like ten years old again, forgetting pre-debut practices and pressures for a good seven minutes or so. Jongin’s leaning a little too close for Kyungsoo’s standard of distance-friend-is-good-to-keep-from-his-body, but he found himself didn’t really mind either. the warmth was comfortable; those little animals on the TV were now a band, singing their theme song passionately. their laughs engulfed the air around them and it was nice; very nice, in fact.

perhaps, it’s the side effect of reading a book moments ago, or Jongin’s arm around his shoulders, or simply because he felt dead tired from all those hours inside practice rooms; but he’s snoring softly just as Jongin was about to retract his crammed arm trapped between his back and the couch. his head lolled to the curve of Jongin’s neck.

Pororo said goodbyes to them from TV and Jongin’s eyes felt a bit heavy, too. he repositioned Kyungsoo’s head, pulling him closer. the smiles only left Jongin’s face when there were now two different melodies of calm breathing filled the room.


so, it’s up to you to interpret this as a friendship or bromance fic XD got inspired because well, Baekhyun was like ‘we are men and we don’t watch Pororo except those two’ when Shindong asked about what Pororo is. idk.... this is just my feeling. and the lack of kaisoo updates. so i wrote it. enjooooy~^^

Tags: fanfiction, p: jongin/kyungsoo
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