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shooting star

shooting star
390 words

a/n: i've previously posted it on my other journal ^^

“it’s coming!” Hyukjae half-chriped, wrapping his fingers around Junsu’s opened palm. Junsu enclosed it and they shared warmth, rhythmical heartbeats, plus few drops of sweat.

“come on! I know you don’t close your eyes, Su! don’t spoil the fun.” Hyukjae complained matter-of-factly, his face flat and eyes covered with its lids. Junsu replied with weak snide remarks, scrunched up his face to express his disagreement even though Hyukjae couldn’t see it anyway.  

they were standing so close by the fifth floor’s window; Hyukjae had dragged the glass so the late night breeze could freely tickle their bare upper skins. the shooting star was milliseconds away from them. Junsu would’ve peeked if only Hyukjae didn’t squeeze their linked hands; the man knew him too well. he wished for one thing that crossed his partly blank brain, one thing that he secretly had in mind for quite some time now.

Junsu’s sideways smile stretched as he squeezed Hyukjae’s hand back.

later, when the curtains were already drawn against the wide window and the only light was from the twinkling digital clock on the table, Junsu mumbled into the soft pillow. he was yawning that the syllables seemed to be indigestible.

“huh?” came Hyukjae’s sleepy answer.

“I said it works.” Junsu turned around so their chest molded, bright yellow and pale blue pajamas brushed each other’s fabric. Hyukjae’s arm caged him between the exercised flesh and bones.   
“what?” Hyukjae’s eyes refused to open so Junsu poked his fingers on them, gently making circles up to Hyukjae’s brows.

“the nonsensical shooting star wish thing.” his hands fled from Hyukjae’s stubbornly passive face to hug the latter’s limp neck.

“urgh. what are you doing? I’m sleepy. what did you ask?”

Junsu merely smiled and was all silent as he repositioned his body on the puffy bed, giving some experimental moves on it to get the most comfortable spot.

“nah, just sleep.”

Junsu wasn’t a believer of Western Tales like making a wish when there’s a shooting star, nor was he delight with the shining, tailed, moving space object that sucked Hyukjae’s whole attention from him. but tonight, perhaps he could make an exception. just once, because it somehow conspired with many other unseen powers out there to grant his simple wish.

he was saying in his heart,

I want to sleep in his arms

cheesy, pointless thing i wrote few days ago XDDDD first crossover ever.. and it felt rather good, actually... hm...
Tags: fanfiction, p: eunhyuk/junsu
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