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the ice

the ice
611 w

yoochun’s hand-knitted scarf looked somewhat out of place; he was wearing it in the middle of a hot, hot summer. the humid breeze brought along the smell of ocean, salty and tight when it’s meddled with the insides of his nose. his fingers curled and uncurled around the end of his parachute jacket as he calmly closed his eyes. he honestly missed how the wind used to play with his long hairs, how it tickled his neck, how jaejoong would diligently tuck every strands behind his ears.

the thought of jaejoong had him open his eyes. the tranquility he was so determined to search in that bay evaporated as he started making choked noises, desperately wiping the tears running down his cheeks like a pair of rivers. the pain was familiar but it always felt foreign when there’s nobody who eased the wound. not anymore.

he grasped when a hand unwound the scarf abruptly, then unbuttoned his jacket like he’s a child and the hand’s owner was the mother. his thin shirt was indeed wet of sweats; it’s pressed onto his body every time the wind caressed his stunned feature.  

“stop crying.” jaejoong said, annoyed.

but yoochun knew better.

“geez.” the man said again, continuing his previous work of freeing yoochun from the suffocating materials clung to him. yoochun was still, but the sobs hadn’t dissipated completely.

“you’re not losing your voice too, are you?” yoochun felt warmth gushed from the man, now sitting a feet away next to him. jaejoong’s voice softened as he fiddled with the jacket, making sounds when he neatly folded it then placed it on the narrow space between the two of them.

“almost. why are you here?” yoochun eventually croaked out. every vibrations grazed his throat like tiny knives, as if it’s a reminder of his current state.

jaejoong sighed.

“I don’t know.” he shrugged his shoulders. yoochun faintly felt icy drops of water seep through his pants and he winced, jerking his feet in a sudden attack of panic. “maybe, because I’m unfortunately in love with an idiot.”

the iciness spread further and yoochun’s going to run by the next second when jaejoong held him firmly. the icy droplets were now wetting his arms where jaejoong’s equally cold hands touch them.

“put the ice away. I hate you.” yoochun’s voice trembled as the terrible memories replayed its scenes in his head; snowy streets, a drunk driver, and seconds of the most sickening moment when he’s flying up high in the air with his own car, and then crashed the slippery ground meters away beneath him.

“I brought you an ice cream. and we’re going to eat it until the box is clean.” jaejoong commanded instead of saying it normally, waving the huge ice cream box in front of yoochun’s face, who only looked past jaejoong’s hand with the same void gaze.

yoochun was crying, again, when jaejoong hushed him, softly nesting the man head under his chin, comfortably laid on his chest. and yoochun wondered how the tranquility he’s supposed to find in silence turned out to be the moment when jaejoong’s voice was never absent to fill his hearings.

“ready for the first spoon?” jaejoong held the plastic spoon up and saw yoochun shyly nodded. but he maneuvered it to his mouth instead and then tenderly locked yoochun’s awaiting lips with his own, coating their touching skins with the sweet milky creams.

when yoochun’s lips melted under his, jaejoong smiled and pulled back to whisper,

“you have to remember me, and the white Christmas we’ll spend together this year, not that accident. this is ice cream, this is me. and I love you.”


errr my first jaechun fic (>____________<) I hope it somehow makes sense. and yeah… yoochun was blind here.
Tags: fanfiction, p: jaejoong/yoochun
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